Gothla 2017 - It goes up to 11!

Yes, we have the obligatory Spinal Tap reference because Gothla UK is in it's 11th year!

This year we've had a bit of a reorganisation and thought we'd shake up things a bit; so, in a break from tradition, the Open Stage will still be at The Redeemer nightclub, but on Friday night and the main Gothla Show will be on Saturday night. So go easy on the Cider & Black on Friday if you have workshops on Saturday folks!!

The main reason for this is that we are hosting Francesca Pedretti's showcase of Dante's "La Divinia Commedia", with the main 3 parts being lead by 3 Italian teachers:

Francesca Pedretti



Alice Giampieri



Patrizia Pin



This is a fantastic opportunity for an intensive study with any of these teachers and perform with them on Saturday night; there will be a 3 hour workshop on Friday and a 2 hour workshop on Saturday morning; for those wanting to perform, there is an additional rehearsal as well. Performance is not obligatory, but strongly encouraged! Each section is strictly limited to 15 students, so do book early to avoid disappointment! The cost for each intensive will be £70 (for 5 hours), but will include a show ticket, which is normally £18.

We are ecstatic to have an all european line-up this year with Morgana completing the bill of our headliners. As always, there are some familiar faces as well as some new ones. Check out the full lineup below and on the Teachers page


We have 24 awesome workshops available this year, everything from the aforementioned La Divinia Commedia to Firebreathing!!

For workshop details head on over to the Workshops page


  • Francesca Pedretti

  • Patrizia Pin

  • Alice Giampieri

  • Morgana

  • Ida Mahin

  • Carina

  • Bex

  • Heike

  • Elisa Saha

  • Lynne Chapman

  • Robyn

  • Rhiannon

  • Sam Hough

  • Nihoma

  • Meilyn

  • Rhythmic Ginger

  • Logi

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