In 2007 Elisa found her passion for bellydance and since then not only focusses on Oriental Dances but also Tribal Style, Tribal Fusion Bellydance and Indian Dances/Fusion. Her main interest was dancing in groups and the fun of the classical improvisation. She completed her certificate as a BlackSheep BellyDance Level 1 teacher in 2012 and gives weekly classes in Wuppertal. Attending weekly and monthly national and international classes in Tribal Fusion, ATS, Oriental Dances and Indian Dances/Fusion she completed the ProTrack in August 2016 at Tribal Umrah, a weeklong dance intensive with renown teachers like Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, Samantha Emanuel, Ashley Lopez and many more.

In 2015 she strived to teach Tribal Fusion classes in Wuppertal and since 2017 also Oriental Dance in Düsseldorf. Her passion to dance with others next to her Solo dancing brought her to dance in Leyla Jouvana's show group and Cristina Zegarra's 'Coaldust'. Other important projects are her collaboration with her aunt Heike Humphreys aka Akasha, the BlackSheep BellyDance duet 'Crystal Moon' and her joining Lisa Müller-Albrecht's 'Con-Fusion' in 2017.

Her personal style combines her love for alternative music and the play with the classical and unusual movement repertoire from the interest in natural religion, subculture and her favourite ages, Jugendstil and 1970's.

Serve your Senses!


Crystal Moon

You are captured by a bright light in the dark, "what is it?", you wonder.
Is it far away like the moon or is it something you can touch? Your exploration takes you to places you only imagined - or maybe not?!
Wondrous feelings overcome you and you begin to enter the moonlit circle.

In the workshop we will explore different elegant and alternative arm patterns and techniques using our hands and arms as the presenter of our feelings. We capture the moonlight by using a crystal ball to worship the night, the moon and our sacred space - the circle.
You will learn several combinations that can be used for your own experiments in dance.
Let's fall in trance together!

Please bring a ball you can easily hold/balance in one hand.

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