Master of flame, agent of illumination. Logi is thrilled to be invited back to Gothla to share his 7 years of burning secrets with you!

Unleash your inner fire this Gothla and learn the fundamentals of body burning and fire eating. Start by mastering a small flame, you will learn how to run a flame across your hands and arms, before licking and eventually eating the flame out. Those who demonstrate a good understanding will be prepared to unleash their first impressive fire breath as a trainee dragon.

For this class, you must adhere to the following terms and conditions.

You must be able to breathe through your nose.
Speak to a doctor if you have any lung or skin conditions. The fuels and fumes can agitate these conditions.
You must wear clothing made from cloth, denim or leather.
You must not wear any flammable substances such as perfume, hair spray, hair mousse, fresh nail varnish, body creams, flash eyelashes, wigs, synthetic clothes, lip gloss or deodorant.
This class is dangerous and although I am insured to teach, participation is at your own risk.

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