Gothic Princess

Beautifully feminine expression, dripping in morose intensity, the Dark Princess workshop is a choreography based session, where dancers will take home dynamic and emotive combinations to Deine Lakaien's haunting piece,'Return'. Embracing both fluid and staccato movement, Meilyn will break down the moves and sequences for you, guiding you down the road to wistful self discovery.

Technique will include gentle layering, how to add power behind a move, intricate combinations, along with simpler, easy-to-remember sequences.

Meilyn is renowned for her sinuous, slinky movement, striking choreographies and her passionate and searing performances. Don't be fooled by her friendly teaching style and easy demeanour; on stage, she will burn the walls down with a glance.

Drum Solo for 9/8 rhythm with Rhythmic Ginger

Fusing dark fusion technique with authentic Turkish Romani, join Meilyn and Rhythmic Ginger for a revealing workshop on how to dance 9/8 rhythm with a drummer and how to interact with a dancer as a drummer. Turkish Romani dance is a street dance belonging to the Roma people of Turkey, but is expected in a set by an 'oryantal' ('oriental') Turkish bellydancer.

Meilyn's expertise in the dance and her slinky and involute tribal fusion technique, together with Rhythmic Ginger's deft drumming skills, will take you on an infused trip down the lively backstreets of Istanbul and the darker spirals of tribal fusion.

Dancers will be introduced to more than one 9/8 rhythm, Turkish Romani dance technique and learn how to interact with a tabla drummer, also taking a short choreo home with them. Drummers will have the opportunity to play as support drummers to a lead drummer, interact with dancers and the opportunity to play as a group.

*Open to dancers and drummers. Drummers advised to take the 'Turkish 9/8 rhythms for tabla players' drumming workshop.*

Open level.

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