Morgana was born in Madrid (Spain)

Degree in Digital Sound Post-Production. Dancer and Choreographer since 1994.

Co-founder of Excalibur Dance Co. and Director of Nieblas de Avalon Dance School and Morgan East & West studio and International Formation.

At 7 years old, began practicing karate (Shotokan and Shito Ryu), and in the 2003, fencing and wu-shu at Serrato Superior School (sabre and sword techniques).

She initiated her modern and contemporary dance training in 1991, taking modern and contemporary dance, jazz, hip-hop and funk classes. That same year, she won the silver medal in the modern dance ‘soloist’ category at the Dance Competition of Madrid (Spain). In 1999 she joined the dance company of choreographer Angélica Solana, director of the Spanish Aerobic and Funk Federation, participating in and placing 4th in the world funk competition.

In 1993, she continued studying jazz technique with Eva Sanz and Begoña Jiménez at Karen Taft Dance Center, where she would perfect her skills over the next 4 years. It was also this year when she co-founded Excalibur Dance Co., for which she currently serves as choreographer and director, nowadays leading several artists.

In 1998, she began her studies in Middle Eastern dance. Her first teacher was Fathy Andrawis (choreographer of the Egyptian National Ballet) who taught her Egyptian and folkloric styles. She also studied props such as cane, veil, and Isis wings. In 1999, she was initiated into American tribal style, and using this as a technical base, she specialized in tribal fusion and gothic style.

Currently, she is developing her own personal style, in which she combines Middle Eastern dance technique with the technique of modern dance, the discipline of martial arts, the expression of mimic and theatre, and an aesthetic influence ranging from Chinese and Japanese culture to science fiction, comics and videogames to the Victorian Era and steampunk culture.

Morgana has complemented her dance studies with a variety of courses, most importantly: ballet with Tatiana Stepanova, tap-dancing with Barry Burges, tango with Leo and Eugenia and Julio and Veronique, gypsy dances, Indian fusion (in Germany), baratha nathyam with Daniela Riva, percussion with Mark Bell of Helm (USA), Afro-Cuban dance with Amaury Reinoso, and expression and interpretation at Orfeo School.

In 1993, she began teaching jazz and funk, and in 2001 Middle Eastern dance classes, finally opening her own school, “Nieblas de Avalon,” in 2006, from 2013 "Morgan East & West". It is the pioneer school in tribal fusion and dark style in Spain, and is also the first school in the country offering 5 levels of Tribal Fusion plus 4 complementary levels and 2 professional courses as "Teacher's Training" and "Choreographer's Training"

She is the director of the gothic and dark fusion festival GOTHLA Spain in Madrid since 2010.

Morgana has participated as a professional performer in some important festivals as the Solace Live Tour 2007 (Madrid and Barcelona) and at the festivals: GOTHLA UK in Leicester (since 2008 to 2017); TribaGoth 2009 in Gothenburg (Sweden); GOTHLA Italia in Milan (since 2010 to 2017); TRIBAL UMRAH 2010 in Nimes (France); Danse Macabre Festival in Montreal (2011); GOTHLA BRASIL in Rio (2012); TRIBAL FESTX in Lisboa (2013) and Lumen Obscura in San José, California (2013)...

From 2006 to the present, she has been a dancer and instructor at tribal fusion and gothic style workshops and seminars throughout Spain (more than 25 cities…); Europe (Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Greece, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Holand, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Switzerland and Serbia); Brasil, Canada and USA. Having nowadays offers to perform and teach in Russia, Corea, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and again USA.

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Dark Western combos (2 hours) – Medium Level

Tribal fusion style inspired in the Far West dark stories, country sinners, or TV serials as The Walking Dead or Hell on Wheels. One way to give a new impact to your dance with sexy combinations. Different travelling steps, waves, steps and spins.

Do not forget to bring your cowboy hat! ; )

Zombielesque (2 hours) - Medium Level

Choreography inspired in zombies and cabaret shows. What happen when some of the dancers of a cabaret club become zombies?

They keep on dancing but... hungry, hungry for brains!

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