Nihoma has been bellydancing for 15 years, making jewellery for 12, and costuming for as long as she can remember.

She discovered the art of chain maille five years ago, and quickly saw its application to dance costuming. Since then, her Metal Thistle creations have graced stages and haflas throughout the UK, and further afield.

Nihoma's first visit to Gothla in 2010 bridged the gap between her love of dance and her love of Metal (of the Heavy variety), and encouraged her to develop her dance into new and more expressive avenues.

Gothla has been the highlight of her dance calendar ever since, so she is absolutely thrilled to be teaching a chain maille workshop this year.


In this workshop we will be channeling the spirits of warriors through the ages, while learning to make armour inspired jewellery. Ingenuity and patience will be our sword and shield, as we wield pliers and wire to shape our designs.

We will learn to make the basic unit of Japanese 12-in-2 maille, which is gorgeous on its own as a pendant, or earrings, but which can also be extended to make bracelets, necklaces or to use as embellishment on costumes.

We will use anodized aluminium, which is fairly easy to work with, and has a very low allergy risk. Plus, it's shiny and doesn't tarnish!

All materials and tools will be provided, but if you have favourite pliers at home, feel free to bring them.

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