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Adam Warne is a UK - based multi-percussionist and a specialist in dance accompaniment. Working in both Middle Eastern and Contemporary contexts, he is known for his attentive and intuitive approach.

As well as the Egyptian tabla, Adam also performs, teaches and records with the Riq, Cajon, frame drums and an array of different drums from musical traditions around the world.

In addition to working in dance, Adam also performs internationally as a member of Guy Schalom’s Baladi Blues Ensemble and other bands.

As a drum tutor he is known for combining a fun approach with a clear, in-depth presentation of technique and rhythms.

“…A fabulously talented and intuitive Arabic drummer” – Lorna Gow

“A virtuoso player and a careful and supportive teacher” – Knock on Wood


Turkish 9/8 rhythms for tabla players

Beginning with a refresher on tabla technique, the aim of this workshop is to introduce you to three rhythms in a 9 beat cycle. We will get familiar with playing in 9 and look at several variations to enable you to play these rhythms fluently.

This workshop will also give you the tools to join Meilyn and myself in her workshop, '9/8 Rhythm for Drum Solo'. We will play the rhythms as a group; learn how to play as a supporting drummer to a lead tabla player and accompany the dancers in the workshop.

Open level. A few spare tablas will be available, but please bring your own if you have one.

If you don’t have a tabla, I will also have duffs available to play.

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